My reasons

So I created this blog so I have somewhere to put my thoughts and feelings and also to share them with other people. I wanted a place to tell my story, I absolutely love to write and never had a place to put my stuff till my friend showed me wordpress. This blog will be more about myself then anything else. I’m not looking to get a lot of followers or a lot of comments, I just want a place to express myself. I don’t care about popularity, It’s the least of my concerns. A lot of my post will be about my thoughts, They’ll probably seem like I’m writing a diary but whatever. I guess this is the place where the hashtag sorry not sorry comes in #sorrynotsorry. Very white girl of me I know… But anywho, before any of you reading my blog posts hate on me know that I don’t really care of your negativity. Positive comments are accepted though πŸ™‚


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