Hopeless wish

11:11, I found myself making a ridiculous wish… Knowing all to well that it’s fictitious. It’s a deception to give people false hope. I’ve succumb to this childish belief and made a daring wish. A wish that I am quite cynical about, it’s absolutely ridiculous. To wish to be in your arms is like wishing that you could hold on to the clouds. I am kept up all night by the possibilities of happiness that we could share. If only you could give me the opportunity to show you my love and that I can truly care for you. I could prove to you that I am worthy of your trust, that I would cause you no harm. It is evident to me that you have been hurt in the past. However I am nothing like you’ve seen before, I am more kindhearted than most. Ever and again, I feel like I’ll never obtain your heart. It is a shame that you hide it away like you do. Although I do possess the patience to wait for it.  Anyone would be propitious to have a second of your affection and fondness. Fictional or actual, I have to have faith in this tale of wishing for my unimaginable request to come to existence.


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