The truth is, love can be terrifying, vexatious and painful. In all probability losing love is the most heart shattering thing one could experience. Love is vulnerability, it’s when someone can cause you the most pain. Moreover it’s when someone can manipulate you and make you feel worthless. This abuse will make you no longer trust anyone with your heart. This is because of cheaters, abusers and people who take you for granted. The time that love hurts you the most is “breakups”. They feel like your world is falling apart making you feel like you cannot leave your bed. It makes you want to lock your heart up and never let anyone have it ever again. After someone breaks your heart, you’re afraid to love again.

Although it hurts, love is the greatest thing in the world. Being in love is warmth and happiness. Being with someone you truly care about makes all the pain in the end worth it. Without the ups and downs, love would be boring. People will bring you to the point of fearing feelings and to act on them. But taking the risk of doing it all again is part of it, sometimes you will crash and sometime you will fly. The chance of flying is what should give a person hope. Nothing compares to love. Not just the one you get from your family and friends but the one you share with a partner… The most powerful of love. The one that makes you do and feel the craziest things. That’s the type of love one should never absent themselves of. It’s veritably sad when some won’t love again because they are frightened by being broken again.


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