At what point can you say that you’re completely broken? When you feel like you’re not worth living another day? Feeling like this is probably the worst thing a human can feel, almost comparable to hell itself. Being completely broken is feeling much the same as having lost everything, like you have nothing left in life. Subsequently, it’s being in a state where you think you have nobody and that you cannot leave your bed.

Realistically, many things can make you feel like your whole world is crashing. For instance, losing a loved one or them being ill. Having a parent in the hospital or having a parent with a mental illness. Getting your heart broken by the person that means the world to you. Failing in College or University. There are many reasons that one can feel like they’ve hit rock bottom. What is rock bottom?

Rock bottom is where you cannot fall any deeper, where you think nothing else can get any worse. Therefore being the loneliest place one can be. With regards to feeling like nothing can make you happy nor ever get better. It is the place where you get to rebuild yourself from the bottom up, where you make incredible changes to your life for the better. You need to fall to the deepest, darkest place for good things to come. It is a new beginning, goodness awaits you even if you cannot see it.

It’s hard to hold on to hope, hope hurts but tomorrow will be a better day.

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